TIGER TALK - May 18, 2018

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Jump Rope for Heart was a huge success today. Thank you to all of our families who supported this worthy cause by sponsoring a child for being active today. Donations will continue to be accepted through next week. Students jumped, skipped, played basketball and danced (our favourite!). Check out Twitter for lots of pictures. Also, a BIG thank you to Mme. Fraser, Mrs. Palermo, Mrs Fulmer, Huda, Timothy and Hussain for taking a leadership in organizing this year’s event.

Our senior track and field meet took place yesterday under bright sunshine and warm temperatures. Based on the competition yesterday our school has selected the athletes who will represent us at the regional meet on Wednesday May 30th at Nelson HS in Burlington. This date is for athletes in Grade 6 - 8. Our junior team will be selected here on Thursday June 7th for a regional meet that takes place on Monday June 18th at CKSS here in Milton.

Whatever you are doing over the long weekend - relaxing, camping or visiting, - please enjoy yourself. We will welcome students back on Tuesday.

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone.

Class Building for September 2018:
One of the most significant tasks we will take on in the next few weeks is building our classes for September 2018. We make every effort to balance classes and will spend many hours reviewing the learning profiles of our students. Our goal is to find the best placement for each student. 

A number of factors will be considered in building classes such as:
- Academic achievement
- Learning styles
- Social groupings
- A balance of boys and girls

This information, combined with our knowledge of the teaching styles of staff members is utilized to create classes that we hope will permit each student to be successful.

As parents, you know your child from a different point of view and may be able to provide us with additional information about the learning environment you feel would be most suitable for your child, and about the teaching style that is most successful with your child. Parents/Guardians are invited to write Mrs Benedetti stating factors they feel should be considered when placing their child. Please do NOT request specific teachers. Staffing changes occur and such requests cannot be honoured. 

We request your input no later than Friday, June 1, 2018. We will not be accepting any requests after this date. The school reserves the right to make final placement decisions.
Thank you!

Staff Appreciation Potluck:
It’s that time of year again to say thank you to all of the amazing TJS staff who have created such a welcoming and caring community for our children. Here’s our chance to show them just how much we appreciate everything that they do for our kids!
When: Friday, June 1, 2018 (Yes, that is a PD Day)
What: Parent Council is asking the TJS community to donate in one of two ways:
1. Go onto http://www.perfectpotluck.com and sign up to bring something.
Under the find feature: Coordinator Last Name: Council Password: 650
All items should be peanut and nut free please.
Contributions can either be dropped off on Thursday afternoon in the office or Friday morning by 9 am. Please make sure any items that need to be cooked or heated are already done when dropping off.
2. If you’d like to contribute towards the potluck but do not have the time to bring something in, please consider going onto School Cash Online https://hdsb.schoolcashonline.com/ and making a donation under the activity fee of “Staff Appreciation Potluck”. We will also be accepting cash donations in the office but these MUST be brought in by an adult.
The funds donated will be used to purchase a meal for the staff to enjoy which will be organized by the School Council Staff Appreciation Committee.
The deadline to donate online or in the office is by May 25, 2018
If you have any questions, please feel free to email tjscouncil@gmail.com 
Thank you for taking the time to show the TJS staff our TIGER spirit at it’s finest!

Loveable Labels:
TJS Public School has teamed up with Lovable Labels to provide a service that will benefit you, your children and our school. 
It's a fact of life that kids lose their stuff! We spend a small fortune on hats and gloves, backpacks, even shoes, boots and coats that inevitably end up in the lost and found. In order to keep our kids' stuff out of the lost and found bin, we need to label everything!
So the TJS school council has joined forces with Lovable Labels to provide a practical solution to the labeling dilemma. With every purchase, TJS council receives 20% back in fundraising. Those funds go to helping provide our school with needed items. 
Lovable labels are dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer and UV resistant. The perfect fit for kids! 

Empowerment T-Shirts on Sale:
This year our #girllove group has designed t-shirts in support of creating a safe and
accepting school environment where all students feel welcome and empowered!
They are on sale for $10 each beginning on May 14th.
(See Flyer Below)

Volunteer Opportunity:
Looking to volunteer at Tiger Jeet Singh PS for September 2018? Love to read with children? Or want to get involved in the snack program? Please check out the link below to get your Police Check so that you can volunteer at TJS: 

Student Attendance Reporting:
Please remember it is your responsibility to report any lates and absences through School Connects by 9:20 a.m. by calling 1-877-409-6310 or hdsb.schoolconnects.com.

HDSB Multi-Faith (days of significance) Calendar for May:
We’ve had requests for information on the celebratory days that many of our families recognize. We hope you find this information helpful. (If we miss anything please feel free to let us know)
• May 16 - Ramadan - Month of fasting begins (Muslim)
• May 20-21 - Shavuot (Jewish)
• Asian Heritage Month
• Jewish Heritage Month
• Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month
• May 15 - Int. Day of Families 
• May 17 - Int. Day Against Homophobia 
• May 21 - Victoria Day

TJS Student Voice (Article #12 ):Spelling Bee of Canada!
By Vidujith Widyalankara (Grade 5)
May 18th, 2018

Moccasin. M-o-c-c-a-s-i-n. Hyacinth. H-y-a-c-i-n-t-h. Proprietor. P-r-o-p-r-i-e-t-o-r. 

This is what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks. Spelling. Doesn’t sound so fun, until you win first in a competition all about spelling. And, I did just that. I won first in a Spelling Bee, for the second time. I’ve been participating in the Spelling Bee of Canada competitions since I was in grade one, and this was my 5th time. My mom enrolled (meaning forced) me to do it again this year. The way the Spelling Bee of Canada works is, you get a list of 400 words that you have to study for the regional championship. Then in the competition they ask you how to spell those words. If you spell a word wrong you’re eliminated. Then after a couple rounds they move on to the tiebreaker rounds which consist of words that you haven’t studied. And that’s it. Seems pretty easy, unless you’re the contestant. Flashforward to the day of the Spelling Bee. I woke up, brushed my teeth, wore nice clothes, and made burnt toast (you might want to remember that), and went to the competition. While I wait for the competition to start, my nerves start acting up. Then finally the competition starts. I sit in my seat and wait for them to start. As soon as they start my nerves calm down and I’m ready. They call me up on stage and tell me “Your word is Bevy”. I spell the word correctly and sit down. I do that a couple times up to the tie-breaker rounds. We fly through the tie-breaker words and finally get to the top 3 contestants. My heart beats much faster and then the third place winner is announced and we get to top 2. We each take turns spelling words, until the other contestant gets the word “infinitive.” He spells it wrong, so now I have to spell it. I spell that word right, then get another word, “tripartite.” I asked for the definition, sentence, and part of speech knowing this could be my winning word. I then say “t-r-i-p-a-r-t-i-t-e” and the announcer says, “That is correct”. And just like that I won the Milton/Burlington championship. After the announcer said that, I felt quite happy. Then it dawned on me, that now that I’ve won, I have to study another new 400 words for Nationals. Nationals was held in Toronto, and while I was very nervous I was proud in the end because I worked very hard. I don’t know how, but I managed to do all my homework, study all 400 words, AND place 11th in Canada! I was ecstatic! Plus, I got 2 free books of my choice, a bookmark, a coupon for books, 2 freezies, a t-shirt (that my sister stole) and a ball. I also got a certificate and a medal, but I like the freezies better. So, that was my experience in the Spelling Bee. Overall it was exciting, nerve-racking, (a bit boring), and fun. I would like to give a huge thanks to my Mom because she spent her nights practising these words with me so I can learn and she is the reason I am able to participate in such valuable opportunities. I would definitely recommend participating in the Spelling Bee of Canada, it’s a magnificent experience because spelling is something very important. Also spelling isn’t the only thing this competition helps improve. It also helps build self-confidence. You also win money, and everyone loves money! And remember when I said that I made burnt toast? Well now whenever I go to a spelling bee, I’ll make burnt toast for luck.

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