TIGER TALK - March 10, 2018

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The Week that was…

Good evening. What a wonderful opportunity we have to spend some time with our families over the next week. Life long memories can be made either when we vacation or when we take a bit of time to do something special, even if it is a simple breakfast or dinner with family. Whatever your plans are for the coming week, enjoy them, and take lots of pictures!

Our senior boys and girls basketball teams are in middle of their seasons now. Both teams are doing well, competing hard, and having loads of fun. In addition to extra-curriculars we have several in school clubs happening. Our 150 club, where runners travel 150kms before the end of the year, is happening most days before and after school. The club has at least 35 members who run regularly. The games club is a popular place during breaks along with our upcoming Beyblade tournament. We had well over 70 participants in the first tournament so we have brought it back for another round.

Have a wonderful weekend and a great March Break everyone, we will see you Monday, March 19th.

Kindergarten Registration:
Students new to kindergarten are now being registered in our office. If you have a friend in our catchment area with a JK aged child please let them know they can register them for the 2018-2019 school year.

EQAO Parents:
For parents of students in grade 3 and grade 6. Please join us Tuesday March 27th at 9:05-10:30 in the TJS office. We will be discussing reading, technology and EQAO. Please note we will be sharing general information about these topics, not specific to your child.

Have Your Say (HDSB) Survey:
We are inviting parents to respond to questions related to their child’s school. The link to the survey is provided in the attached flyer below. Thanks for taking a few minutes to share your thoughts.

Terra Cotta Cookie Update:
If your child has ordered the "Caramel Chocolate Chip" Cookie from Term 2, this will be the last week that they are offered...unfortunately the supplier is no longer making them. They are being replaced with the delicious " Triple Chocolate", a combination of semi-sweet, milk & white chocolate chips. 

Student Attendance Reporting:
Please remember it is your responsibility to report any lates and absences through School Connects by 9:20 a.m. by calling 1-877-409-6310 or hdsb.schoolconnects.com.

HDSB Multi-Faith (days of significance) Calendar for March:
We’ve had requests for information on the celebratory days that many of our families recognize. We hope you find this information helpful. (If we miss anything please feel free to let us know)
Mar. 8 - Int. Women’s Day 
Mar. 14 - Sikh New Year
Mar. 21 - Int. Day for the Elimination of Racism 
Mar. 21 - World Down Syndrome Day 
Mar. 25 - Int. Day for Remembrance of Victims of Slavery 
Mar. 30 - Good Friday
Mar. 31 - Apr. 7 - Passover

TJS Student Voice (Article # 7): Camp Wanakita (Grade 7 Team Building Trip)
By Alora L and Davi M , Grade 7
March 9th, 2018

Hey TJS Staff, Students and Parents!

This year for the first time all the grade 7’s went to an overnight camp called Camp Wanakita for three days and two nights. TJS spared no expense at making our 4 hour ride to and from Wanakita comfortable by hiring a coach bus for us!

At Wanakita we did a variety of activities including snowshoeing, broomball, African drumming, nightwatchers, high ropes, orienteering, survival skills, running pictionary and two slots of freechoice. 

A few of the highlights from our trip:

In a survival game, there were 3 student roles; a herbivore, a carnivore and an omnivore. The teachers were either a hunter, a mack truck, or a disease. The goal of the game is to survive the length of the game. This game was so much fun because the only way you knew who was what role, was by the stripes of paint on their face. 

High Ropes was an activity that we did at Wanakita too! For this, we were in pairs and we had to climb a 25 foot pole using big metal staples to step on. When we reached the top of the teeter totter we sat on the edge. This was so scary because whenever somebody would move, the entire structure would wobble! The goal of this activity was to see if you could stand up, walk to the end of the teeter totter and ring a bell that was hanging above your head.

We played a game called ”Camouflage”. In this game, you had to blend in with your surroundings. This was hard to do in snowshoes because they kept falling off when we were running. 

A really exciting part of the bonfire on the first night was that we got to change the colour of the flames and on the second night we had smores!

Running pictionary is just like pictionary but you run around the dining hall trying to find a real list of words because only 2 out of 6 lists were real and the others were fake without words so it was really fast paced. It was so much fun playing against the teachers who were very competitive!

At the end of our trip we said goodbye to Wanakita and drove 4 straight hours home to TJS. We were all exhausted (and dirty!) from this amazing experience!! We speak for all the grade 7’s when we say “Thank you SO much to our teachers for letting us go and accompanying us on this amazing, once in a lifetime trip”. The memories we made at Wanakita will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Hopefully this can be the start of a tradition here at TJS for our grade 7 students!

-Alora Lavallee and Davi Meisner of 7-3